Me, I pretty much hated math in high school. But apparently lots of other people really like it. In fact, they like math so much that they want to put it in Confluence. Formulae, equations, diagrams, you name it. This is has been one of our more popular requests for a while. I guess it helps with all the fancy “engineering” they do.
Unfortunately, Confluence never had a really good solution for this. (Largely because HTML doesn’t have a really good solution for this yet.) But now, one of our kind users has contributed the Confluence LaTeX plugin. LaTeX is a publishing system that is popular in the sciences because it has a powerful syntax for describing complex formulae and produces beautifully typeset output.
The new LaTeX plugin allows you to write LaTeX markup inside your wiki page and have gorgeous equations appear, in all their algebraic glory, right on your page. Like this:

random equation

Of course, you have to know LaTeX to actually make this work, but that should be no problem for users as smart as ours. So go download the plugin, or use the Confluence plugin repository to install it. And may complicated math spur you to ever-greater feats of technical brilliance.

Do your math homework in Confluence