Friendly competition is a staple at Atlassian. From Halloween costume and gingerbread contests, skeet shooting, poker game nights, spur of the moment foot races and even departmental competitions regarding work, Atlassians make any situation and challenge fun.

When we moved to our new office in San Francisco, our brand new foosball and ping pong tables got heavy use. Naturally, we immediately organized a tournament, and the games unfolded. Nearly 40 people signed up to play in the first ping pong competition. Being our first massive organized tournament, it took a few months before we neared the semi-finals.

Once a month, we have an all-staff meeting. The April all-staff happened to fall on the day we hosted our 10 year party in San Francisco, and the mayor declared the day ‘Atlassian Day‘ in San Francisco. What better of a day to aim for the competition to come to an end? We held the final matches after our awesome BBQ catered lunch and pulled the ping pong table into the  massive lounge space in the center of our beautiful new office.

The finals came down to David Chambers, Bitbucket Developer, and Reed Johnson, Data Analyst. They played best out of 5 games to 11 points. See the finals here:

As you can see, these guys are excellent players, and we’re proud to have them in the San Francisco office. There’s chatter about getting some games going between the best player of each office.

Our next tournament is already under way. Soon enough, we should be able to split players out into divisions to make games even more exciting, no matter what skill level people fall under.

There are currently 38 open jobs across Atlassian. Do you have the ping pong chops to compete here?

Do you have the ping pong skills?