Join us on November 1, 2007 at 10 am PT for a free webinar hosted by GlobalLogic, an Atlassian partner, to discuss Agile development practices. The webinar “Distributed Agile Development Best Practices From Atlassian & GlobalLogic” focuses on challenges and solutions of developing applications amongst distributed engineering teams.
Speaking at this free webinar will be Stuart Donovan, CTO of GlobalLogic and Jonathan Nolen from Atlassian.
This webcast will review best practices in how to:

  • Overcome challenges faced in utilizing widely distributed engineering teams for Agile product development
  • Employ flexible development process and tools frameworks to rapidly develop quality software products using distributed engineering teams
  • Deploy innovative, state-of-the-art technologies that equip distributed engineering teams with the structure, communication and behaviors needed to incorporate user feedback early in the development cycle to deliver software products to schedule
  • Utilize innovative global product development solutions such as GlobalLogic VelocityTM and Atlassian software to rapidly deploy quality software

Please join us for this free webcast by registering here.

Distributed Agile Development Best Practices From Atlassian & GlobalLogic