Are you one of the 4,200 Atlassian customers who has purchased both Jira and Confluence?


Are you one of the 8,000+ Atlassian customers who has either Confluence or Jira, but hasn’t bought the other?

If you said YES to either one of these questions, the following video from Roy in our technical sales team is sure to delight. For starters, the new Jira Issues Macro does an awesome job of populating Confluence pages with updated views of Jira issues. Other great features include:

  • Specify any Jira field as a column for display, including custom fields.
  • Click the column headers to sort the output.
  • Drag and drop the columns into a different order.
  • Temporarily remove a column from the display.
  • Click the triangle at top right of the issue table to collapse the table.
  • Retrieve a page of issues at a time, rather than a huge list all at once.

Even if you have already integrated Confluence and Jira, you might learn a couple new tips from Roy’s video. Check it out:

Dialing in Your Integration of Jira and Confluence...