The Friday before last, the Dev Tools teams (Crucible, Fisheye, Clover and Bamboo) went out on a fantastic release excursion.
We started out by trekking out to the Powerhouse museum for a backstage tour of the archive basement. We saw some pretty ancient artefacts (technologically speaking), including a NeXTcube, the very first tote board created by George Julius here in Sydney, and saw an exhibition on Charles Babbage.

Shuttle Simulator
Cross section
Ancient Record
Powerhouse Museum Basement

After a good number of hours at the Powerhouse museum, we wandered across the footbridge down towards Haymarket and the Pumphouse for some pre dinner drinks.

Bar Scene
Knocking Back a Few
Ed + Tim
The Pumphouse

After starting to feels the effects of beer in our empty stomachs, we made a short stroll towards Chinatown for a delicious banquet at the Marigold. Food was plentiful, there were lots of laughs and we all had a ball.

Fiery dessert
Tea Time

DevTools Greatest Release Event Of All Time