Pragmatic DevOps for Enterprises v1.pdf (page 1 of 36)The mad-scientists-turned-provocateurs over at RebelLabs have released yet another stellar (and entertaining) report for software makers, Release Management for Enterprises. I find this exciting enough to blog about for two reasons:

First, their take on what DevOps means for both individuals and the larger organization, as well as how the two disciplines drifted apart in the first place, is spot on. It’s not about $1M tools or forming a separate team (though I do like their idea of forming a cross-functional task force to champion the cultural and technical practices). It’s the collaborative state of mind that lets big software shops balance rapid change with rock-solid stability, and stay competitive.

But enough of the ivory tower stuff. This report also gives loads of practical advice for setting up a continuous delivery pipeline — right down to configuring the tools that make it work! And we’re doubly stoked because Bamboo is featured as the nexus holding it all together. Pragmatic DevOps for Enterprises provides a recipe for continuous delivery using ingredients you already have on hand, plus a few new flavors to spice it up: a source code repository, BambooMavenArtifactorySeleniumArquillian, and LiveRebel (made by RebelLabs’ parent company, ZeroTurnaround). Whip up the basic recipe, then scale it and add special seasonings to make it your own.

Mmmm… smells like success cookin’ up in here. Hungry yet?

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RebelLabs cooks up a continuous delivery pipeline ...