Good news, everyone!

We’ve implemented some new mailing lists for keeping in touch with our awesome plugin developers. These lists will keep you up to date on:

  • Product releases
  • Changes that may impact your plugins
  • AtlasCamp information
  • Upcoming technology previews like ActiveObjects, Speakeasy, and Confluence 4

Look for the “Developer Updates” section on your email preferences. There are separate lists for each product, so you can be sure to only receive the information relevant to you.

The lists have been seeded with the emails of everybody who’s been credited with a plugin on, and we’ve already sent out this year’s Codegeist announcement email to the list.

Naturally, you can unsubscribe at any time, but we urge everyone to subscribe, as this will be Developer Relations’ main way of communicating with you in the future. We promise not to spam you or give your information to anyone else.

Best of luck on Codegeist!

Developer Updates mailing lists are now live!...