All of our services: Jira, SVN, Fisheye and Bamboo are all running on a Crowd backend now.
Unfortunately, we weren’t able to actually merge everyone’s various accounts — so if you had a ‘jnolen’ account in SVN and a ‘’ in Jira before (for example), you still have both usernames. But now both accounts will work on any of the different services. You should probably choose your favourite and use it from now on.
Any new accounts that are created will only be created once and work on all systems.
Most people have had their passwords imported correctly from Jira. However, if you find that you can’t log in, you can use the Forgot Password feature on to generate a new one.
There were a few accounts (those which only existed on SVN and not on Jira) whose passwords did not come over. Those folks should use the Forgot Password feature to create a new password for themselves. Or contact me directly ( and I’ll help you get sorted.
In short, there will likely be some hiccups with a small proportion of accounts, but just get and touch and I’ll be able to fix you up.
I hope you enjoy your new single-sign-on-able services, and know that it’s just the first taste of more infrastructure upgrades to come.
Jonathan and the Atlassian Team
P.S. Thanks to Justen, Michael and Contegix for making this all happen so smoothly.

Developer Network is reopened for business