Wow, what an incredible response. I’m writing this note after watching the applications from software developers soar past 350,… only one week after launching the 15-in-15 roadshow, our somewhat crazy idea to send a “Recruitment Bus” around Europe to find the best.

Info & Interview Days

Only a couple of months ago, I sat down with our awesome recruitment manager, Deepa to discuss how we could put a traditional recruitment roadshow in a new jacket. We got hold of a bus and scheduled a tour through EU cities to explain to developers what’s involved in moving to Australia and what it’s like working here. Our bus – packed with Aussie beers and swag – will be cruising through the city centres of London, Berlin, Madrid and Amsterdam. We’ll end the tour in a secret pub location (of course).

Developers can sign up to be interviewed while we’re there, and get feedback on the spot (we’re looking for at least 15!). To handle the increased number of applications, the dev team has developed a nifty coding test that people can complete from the comfort of their own home before the interview.

We can’t wait to hit the road!


If you know anyone in Europe – Refer-Your-Mates! If we hire them, we’ll send you on a holiday to any place where we have offices. Australia or San Francisco (or just take the cash)? Your choice!



Dev? European? Recruitment bus hits major cities, ...