The Atlassian Design Guidelines (ADG) have been a little quiet since we last published an update back in July 2013. The design team has been working on a lot of new things for our customers and some of those are now available in this release of the ADG.

What’s in the release

Color palette

We’ve tweaked the primary palette yellow slightly, and included a new set of secondary colors for charts.



Reports need high-quality charts to be effective, so we’ve put together guidelines and visual treatments to assist Jira Agile with making their charts even more awesome.


Modal dialogs

We’ve been able to get a new API for modal dialogs, and have cleaned up the guidelines to make them easier to follow with new call out examples.


Everything else

There was so much in this release (59 issues) that we could only list some of the highlights here. Full details are available in the changelog.

  • Upgraded to AUI 5.4.1 with documentation link updates
  • Downloads were updated including a PSD GUI (v1.1) along with color swatches and layer styles
  • Tables description text cleaned up and ‘more‘ icon used instead of the cog for row actions
  • Writing styles has been completely rewritten
  • Keyboard shortcuts moved out of foundations and into controls
  • Icon font is now available for download
  • Typeahead now uses the AUI Select2 control and less description text to read
  • Date formats have been included for relative and absolute dates
  • Copy to clipboard implemented for colors and iconography
  • URLs are now pretty without the .html extension
  • …and a heap of bug fixes!

Visit the ADG


ADG 1.3 is here, with new colors and charts...