The Bamboo Dashboard was designed so that developers can quickly find the status of the builds they care about and drill down to the latest result. As your adoption of Bamboo grows so does the number of Plans on the Dashboard. On the Bamboo team we have roughly 500 Plans that include our core unit tests, integration tests, platform tests, plugins and deployment plans so our Dashboard page is rather large. On a daily basis we only care about a select few of those Plans.

The busy Angry Nerds Bamboo Dashboard


Using Labels

To counteract information overload and slow loading times for the Dashboard, in Bamboo 3.2 we have created a feature that allows a user filter the Dashboard using a feature called Plan Labels. Labels are useful because you can use them to categorise Plans and filter out Plans that don’t have the Labels you care about on the Dashboard.

Labeling a Plan

Like result Labels, Plan Labels allow you to tag and group Plans that are logically related to each other and each Plan can have as many Labels as you wish. Its simple to add a Plan label. All you need todo is go to the summary screen of the Plan, press the L key, enter the Labels you want for the Plan into the Labels field, click the Add button and you have successfully Labeled your Plan.

Filtering the Dashboard by the "nerds" Label

Filtering the Dashboard by Label

Head back to your Bamboo dashboard and click on the   button at the top right side of the Dashboard. Select the Labels of the Plans you want to show on the Dashboard and click the Save button (The Dashboard should automatically refresh for you).

You can see an example of the result below: only the Plan we labeled with “nerds” is shown on the Dashboard. Nice and clean, right? If you had a lot of Plans on your Bamboo server before hit refresh a few times – notice how it loads faster? Can you say “Awww yeah?”


A nice clean Bamboo dashboard filtered by the "nerds" label

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