FarCry WIKI is a community effort to generate user and developer documentation for the FarCry CMS from Daemon. On the Daemon blog entry Wiki’s work… sometimes, they praised Confluence (thank you), but noted some of the challenges of creating information heirarchies.
But here’s the thing; we’re stuck with a great open source solution, with not enough documentation, and plenty of folks who want to try and help out. Haphazard is better than nothing. In fact surprisingly, haphazrd has been remarkably successful for us so far.
Community-based haphazard collaboration — we’ll toast to that. 🙂 While the information hierarchy continues to develop, I’m hoping that Confluence’s search capabilities continue making it easy to find information. There also are some plugins that improve information management, such as the new metadata plugin.
For others considering creating a documentation space, there is a discussion about using Confluence for documentation here.