Atlassian Partner, CustomWare Asia Pacific, recently completed some great integration work. We were really interested (and impressed) to learn about it and thought you’d be, too. Here goes:
CustomWare was hired by Polycom to integrate Jira, our issue tracker, directly into an existing CRM and help-desk system from Siebel. More specifically, with every Siebel transaction, a corresponding Jira issue would automatically be created in a specific project and also return information be synchronized back to Siebel.

By developing a set of plugins for Jira, CustomWare was able to produce a flexible, lightweight integration framework. These allowed the dynamic definition of the mapping of inbound XML messages from Siebel to Jira and, then, allow status tracking of each transaction complete with resubmission.
Rob Castaneda at CustomWare explains in more detail:

“What we ended up doing was building a small integration engine that is based off the architecture of CustomWare’s Business Manager integration framework. The mapping of Siebel XML to Jira fields is handled by a set of XPath definitions stored in a database that can be maintained by the Jira administrator. The process is monitored as a defined state machine. So essentially, Polycom will do their own mappings and integration. The framework handles the logging, transformation and resubmission.

CustomWare Gets Jira and Siebel CRM Talking...