Go_Sign.pngAtlassian’s Starter licenses have been incredibly popular. These $10 versions of our tools have resonated far and wide. Originally conceived as an intro version of our tools for startups and early-stage companies, Starter licenses have sold into every size of organization in over 100 countries. Aside from getting fully-featured versions of some of the most powerful developer tools around, one of the reasons for their popularity is that Starter license sales are donated to Room to Read, a global charity that provides educational resources to children in developing nations.

Ever since we launched the Starter licenses, we’ve had people asking us about Crucible, our code review software, and when it’s going to be available. People have commented our blogs and one person pulled me aside at Atlassian Summit to ask When is Crucible going to be available as a Starter license? Well, today we’re happy to announce that Crucible is joining the Starter license family and is now available for $10 for 5 users.

Thousands of development teams around the world use Crucible for on-boarding and mentoring and improving code quality. Crucible removes the hassle of organizing, tracking and following up with code reviews. You can also integrate Crucible with Atlassian’s other development tools, including Jira.

Over $700,000 raised to date
Speaking of Room to Read, we have crossed the $700,000 mark for our donation to the charity. It was just last May when we hit the $500,000 milestone (you do the math!) and announced we were headed to $1,000,000. At this rate, we’re going to hit that number very soon, especially with the addition of Crucible Starter licenses.

What does $700,000 do? Money raised from the sale of Starter licenses has impacted over 38,600 children across Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Sri Lanka. Some of the projects that have been funded include:

  • 77 libraries: 16 Cambodia libraries + 18 Vietnam Libraries + 43 Laos Libraries
  • 330 girls receiving one year of holistic education: 68 girls (Cambodia) + 150 girls (Vietnam) + 32 girls (Sri Lanka) + 80 girls (Laos)
  • 2 local language titles: 1 Cambodia title in 2009 (10,000 copies) + 1 Sri Lankan title in 2010 (print estimate: 10,000 copies)
  • 4 schools: 2 preschools + 2 primary schools (Sri Lanka)

In addition to the 7 Starter licenses, there are also heaps of free add-ons and some of our commercial plugin partners have created $10 “extras” of their own tools.

Where to next?

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