Warning: this is code written by a product manager. Use the code at your own risks (smile)

In short

This is a (unsupported) Chrome extension that will allow you to keep track of your reviews without having to log into Crucible.

A Bit More Details

Be the change you seek. Since I got into Atlassian this phrase got stuck into my head. And it’s a mantra embracing the one thing that I truly love in this company: If you don’t like something and you think it should be changed then don’t just talk about it, make it happen. That resonates a lot with the “no bullshit” statement that we have here.

So, as a fervent supporter of code reviews and Crucible (disclaimer, I’m the Crucible’s Product Manager) I was looking for easier way of notifying developers of their pending reviews. The issue was simple to define. Code reviews help people to reduce a LOT the risk of seeing bad things happening in production among other things, but staying on top of your reviews might not be the easiest thing. By the way, If you want to read more about the usefulness of code reviews I invite you to read Geoff Crain‘s post.

Now let’s say you’re using Crucible. Chances are that you might have been late on some reviews which resulted in people a) pinging you to ask you to complete a review or b) giving up and just skip the review part. The email notifications in Crucible are there to minimise the risk of seeing you overlooking a review but it might not be sufficient. When I was actively developing before I often required to be in a bubble for a couple hours. In that mode I would hardly go check my emails or think about opening a page to see if I had any urgent pending tasks.

I believe that the same can happened with Crucible, you may ultimately appreciate the review process but at the same time you might not always be able to be as responsive as you’d like to be.

There I go with my issue: How do I help people to keep track of their pending review actions?

I made a simple assumption targeting web developers: if you develop web based apps you might spend a lot of time in your browser. And this browser might be Chrome. So why not write an extension which will simply display a notification box next to the url field? You would be able to check quickly your pending reviews and the reviews that you have to close.

(To be honest I chose Chrome because I wanted to see what it was like to code Chrome extensions, and Chrome HTML5 notifications looked pretty simple to leverage).

Here I go with my little extension using some Javascript and HTML5 to get a quick access to reviews.

Getting Started

Go to the following URL and install the extension http://cruchrome.heroku.com/

Once installed you should see a Crucible icon next to your browser toolbar with an E! inside. The E! indicates that there’s an error in the config but at this stage it’s expected.

Open the options menu of your extension to get to the configuration screen.

In the configuration menu proceed to the following:

  1. Enter your Crucible URL in the corresponding field (replace my.crucible.com with your own, and https is required for authentication).
  2. Put your credentials
  3. Click on the button to get your FEAUTH key

Once you get your Crucible FEAUTH key hit the save button.

Voilà! You should see the number of reviews deserving your attention like the top image is showing!

If you want to check the code, go to Bitbucket and fork it!

I’ll be eager to reading any feedback guys, I hope that this will help you and your team to avoid situation where you have to wait on people to finish their reviews.

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