Crowd 2.1 is out. It’s even chunkier than Crowd 2.0, with almost 230 votes satisfied.

There’s a new, comprehensive REST API. If you’re integrating your applications with Crowd, you’ll love it. It makes supporting nested groups simple, and supports far better search capabilities than the SOAP API. The SOAP API won’t be disappearing, but the REST API is far easier to use.

We’ve rewritten the Apache and Subversion connector in C. It’s now far faster, uses less memory, and handles SSO and nested groups for you. Grab it from the Plugin Exchange.

LDAP is also significantly faster – we’ve moved caching into the database instead of in-memory and implemented connection pooling. This means that caching will work for larger userbases than before, searching is more performant, and Active Directory over SSL is now as fast as without SSL.

We’ve also prepared for the end of the internet by adding support for IPv6.

Read the full release notes, or just grab the bits. Once you’ve had a play, be sure to let us know what you think.

Crowd 2.1 Arrives in a Blaze of REST, LDAP and C...