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Confluence 3.5 Now Available

Today we’re excited to announce the availability of Confluence 3.5, our biggest ever Confluence release. You might have already seen the nifty small improvements, powerful administrator features, and a new Directory for organizing Spaces, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s talk about the other big new features of this release.

New Features for Everyone

  • Share pages & blogs with the new Share button
  • Create and insert Jira issues from the editor
  • Autowatch your contributions
  • Drag and Drop support in HTML 5 browsers
  • Embed video with the new Multimedia Macro
  • Watch Space Blogs
  • More supported languages in the new Code Macro
  • Browse Spaces by category in the Space Directory

Administration Improvements

  • Support for Nested Groups
  • New Features Tour for Users
  • UI for Managing Scheduled Jobs
  • Automated User Language Detection
  • Solve Issues with the Support Tools Plugin

For the skinny, check out the short overview video below, and read on for full details.


Share & Discover Content

1. New Share Button

Tired of copying and pasting Confluence links into emails? The new ‘Share’ button lets you quickly share any page or blog post with other users. In just a couple of clicks you can bring the right people into the discussions and projects that are taking place in Confluence.


Quickly Share pages and blog posts with other users

2. Autowatch Content

Have you ever forgot to watch a page that you’ve created, edited, or commented on? Enabled by default, Autowatch ensures you are always kept in the loop by automatically watching any pages or blogs posts that you contribute to.


Autowatch ensures you’re always up-to-date with the content you contribute to

3. Browse Spaces by Category in the Space Directory

Accesible from the Browse menu, the Space Directory allows users to view Spaces by category and add Spaces to their Favorite Spaces list.


4. Watch New Blogs from a Space

You’ve always been able to ‘Watch a Space’ for all changes, but now you can choose to receive email notifications only for new blogs from a particular space. When you lose intertest in content that you’re watching you can stop watching it in a single-click from any email notification.


Stronger Jira Integration

Bundled with Confluence 3.5 and Jira 4.3, Application Links allows you to connect Jira and Confluence instances. With authentication via OAuth, a host of new Jira integration features are available in Confluence.


Link Confluence to your Jira instances by adding a new ‘Application Link’ via Confluence Admin

1. Create Jira Issues from the Confluence Editor

Quickly create and embed Jira issues with the new Insert Jira Issue dialog. Embedded issues display key details including, Key, Type, Summary, and Status.


Create new Jira Issues from Confluence text when editing a page or blog post

2. Insert Recently Viewed Jira Issues on Confluence Pages

Report on the status of your Jira issues by inserting them on pages. The new ‘Insert Jira Issue’ dialog allows you to quickly insert recently viewed issues to embed in pages and blog posts.


Quickly insert your recently viewed Jira Issues

3. Search for Jira Issues to Embed

You can even search for existing issues to insert in Confluence, using the power of JQL, without leaving the Confluence editor.


Search for existing Jira issues to insert using Quick Search or JQL


Report on the status of Jira Issues by embedding them in pages and blog posts

4. Centralize User Management

Thanks to today’s release of Jira 4.3 you can now manage all your users in one place. Reduce complexity with your setup and give your users one username and password for both applications by delegating user management to Jira.

Embed Media & Code

1. Drag and Drop Support in HTML 5 Browsers

Drag and Drop makes it easy to attach and embed documents, images, and media. Now it works in more major browsers – Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Chrome – without the need to install Google Gears.


Drag files onto pages or blog posts, or directly into the editor, to attach and embed them

2. Share Code Snippets with an Extended, Better Looking Code Macro

Now with support for more than 20 languages – including Ruby, Python, and C++ – the new Code Macro allows you to display code in pages and blog posts with syntax highlighting, line wrapping, themes for code styling, and optional line numbering.


Insert snippets of code on any page or blog post

3. Embed Video & Audio Files with the New Multimedia Macro

The new Multimedia Macro lets you embed Flash, MOV, WMA, WMV, MPEG, MP3, and AVI files into pages and blogs for playback. You can now even insert these files into your page using Drag and Drop and Autocomplete.


Embed audio and video with the Multimedia Macro


Embed attached media files with Autocomplete – Press !

Administration Improvements

1. Support for Nested Groups & Improved User Directory Setup

Satisfying the most highly requested Confluence improvement request – as voted by you – Confluence 3.5 provides support for nested groups in LDAP and Active Directory. You’ll also find a number of significant user management improvements. Most notably, connecting to, configuring, and managing your user directories can now be completed via the Confluence Admin console.

2. New Features Tour for Users

Gone are the days of having to educate your users about what’s new in the latest release. Confluence now does that for you. When you upgrade to Confluence 3.5 your users will be presented with a dialog highlighting the new features that are available to them, complete with screenshots, videos, and links to documentation. This new feature will not only help with the discovery of useful new features, but will also encourage your users to get the most out of Confluence.


3. UI for Monitoring & Managing Scheduled Jobs

Administrators will be able to configure and monitor scheduled jobs via the Confluence Admin console. Why is this such a big deal? Previously, administrators needed to extract and edit a Spring configuration file to change job schedules.

4. Automated User Language Detection

To make everyones’ lives just that little bit easier, Confluence 3.5 will automatically set a users’ default language based on their browser’s locale settings. On top of that, we’ve made it easier for users to quickly change their default language from the login screen.

5. Troubleshoot & Solve Issues with the Support Tools Plugin

Confluence 3.5 ships with the Support Tools Plugin. In a single click the Hercules Log Scanner will match error messages and problem descriptions from your logs with bug reports and KnowledgeBase articles. With the power of Hercules, you can find solutions to problems in seconds. When you need our help, in a few quick clicks you can create an Atlassian support ticket – complete with attached logs and configuration files – so we can help you solve the problem.

Yes, There’s More

This release satisfies over 900 customer votes. Check out the full release notes and learn about all the styling updates, Dashboard, and performance improvements in Confluence 3.5.


Confluence 3.5 Released: Our Biggest Release Ever...