In Confluence 3.4, our enterprise wiki, we’ve made rich content creation a whole lot faster. A growing list of keyboard shortcuts makes navigating and editing in Confluence faster than ever.

See the Speed for Yourself

The video below displays the practicality and productivity of Confluence’s new keyboard shortcuts. See how keyboard shortcuts save a Product Manager time when creating tasks for an upcoming product launch. Keep reading to learn more.

Windows and Mac Friendly

Mac users rejoice! If you’re using a Mac, it’s time to stop using the Control key and rediscover the Command key. Keyboard shortcuts in Confluence 3.4 are now far more intuitive.

New Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog

The only keyboard shortcut you’ll need to remember is the question mark. Just type ‘?‘ to display the new Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog where you can learn all the new general and editor shortcuts. You may also access the keyboard shortcuts dialog in the ‘Browse‘ menu under ‘Keyboard Shortcuts‘.

General Shortcuts – General shortcuts make it possible to jump to and from pages and spaces, create new content, make comments, add page watchers and get a page’s tiny link, all without touching your mouse. Now you can navigate Confluence and keep in touch with your teammates with just a few simple keystrokes.

General keyboard Shortcuts.png

Editor Shortcuts – Format text, create bullet and numbered lists, add and edit tables, insert images, links and macros, and finally save your page, all from your keyboard. Content creation just got a whole lot faster.

Editor Keyboard Shortcuts.png

Try the Shortcuts Now!

If you’re using Confluence 3.4 these shortcuts are literally at your fingertips, simply type ‘?‘ and you’re on your way to becoming a power user. If you are not using Confluence 3.4, visit the sandbox and test the keyboard shortcuts out for yourself.

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