RefinedWikiThis is a guest post by Jimmy Lundström, CEO of RefinedWiki, one of Atlassian’s official partners. This post highlights the new features shipped in the latest release of RefinedWiki Original Theme, a plugin which enhances the user interface and functionality of Confluence.


We’re excited to announce that the Original Theme 3.0 release is compatible with Confluence 4.0 and includes three major new features.

1. Accelerate the way you organize Spaces

Categories allow you to put your Confluence Spaces into logical grouping sand make it easier for your users to navigate throughout your Intranet. For example, you might want to group all your ‘Project’ Spaces under a parent category called ‘Projects’ and then create sub-categories for each team or departments’ projects.

It’s now faster and simpler to create new categories and subcategories and then drag-and-drop Spaces into them.

2. New Design Editor to brand & customize Confluence

The new design editor makes it easier than ever to brand and customize the design of Confluence. You can either create your own designs from scratch, or start with RefinedWiki’s bundled themes.

3. Faster navigation with keyboard shortcuts

New simple navigation features speed up the way you can navigate within the your Intranet. The video below demonstrates how you can navigate through Confluence without ever picking up your mouse.

Try it today!

Want to start using it today? Start a free 30-day trial by installing the Original Theme in a single-click via the Confluence Plugin Manager.

Starter License holders can get the RefinedWiki Original Theme for just $10

The Original Theme is available in English, French, Dutch, German and Spanish.

RefinedWiki has over 900 commercial customers in more than 50 countries.

Learn more here. Or check out our demonstration website here.

You can find RefinedWiki and other add-ons for adding custom wiki themes to Confluence on the Atlassian Marketplace.

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