This is a guest blog post from Clearvision, a sponsor at Atlassian Summit 2012.

We can’t clone sheep but we are pretty damn good at cloning issues!

Clearvision are the leading Atlassian Platinum Experts in Europe, on a mission to help companies across the globe build better software.

At Clearvision we have an arsenal of trigger-happy developers ready and raring to battle your software development demons.

Bugs Bugs Bugs

Do you find that bugs often need fixing in multiple versions of the same product? Annoying isn’t it?…but you’re not alone, as this was precisely the challenge for Aircom International, who specialise in cellular network planning, optimisation and configuration.

After Clearvision successfully migrated Aircom International from IBM Rational ClearQuest to Atlassian Jira, they approached us with a requirement to enhance their Jira instance with a customised plugin. We put on the safety goggles and cranked up the power on the Sonic Oscillator…JiraClones was born.

JiraClones has the cunning ability to seamlessly clone an issue in Jira and automatically apply it to all later versions of the product. The result? Significant time and cost savings for Aircom and reassurance that product quality remains consistent against all releases.

The Clearvision JiraClones plugin allows you to have complete control over what fields to clone per Jira ticket and which releases to target.

Nobody wants a nasty last minute surprise that threatens the release/launch of a product. This is why JiraClones is an essential addition to your Jira configuration and a crucial time saver. Development teams maintaining multiple releases of a product in parallel need JiraClones from Clearvision.

Get JiraClones Today

Get consistent quality and get organised, download JiraClones from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange now.

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