Cloud purists, rejoice!

Last month we were tickled pink to announce the Heroku Deploy plugin for Bamboo.  Today we’re tickled once again because the plugin is now included in Bamboo OnDemand!

Heroku + Bamboo is a powerful resource for teams using feature branches or a branch-per-JIRA-issue workflow.  Instead of  leaning on IT to create environments for testing all those branches before they are merged to master, you can lean on Heroku instead. Not to mention their new Java Enterprise offering: definitely worth a look if you’re seeking to simplify your production hosting.

Wanna see it all in action?  We’ve got screencasts for that. See the task configuration in Bamboo OnDemand in part 1, then watch code changes go live in part 2. If you missed the original announcement, you can check it out here (complete with screenshots & useful tips).

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