Whether you’re deep into continuous integration and deployment, or just getting started, creating and maintaining a smooth continuous delivery pipeline should be one of your top priorities. With new features and improvements in both Cloud and Server, we’re thrilled to announce a new Bamboo release today.

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Try Bamboo for free in three steps!

Yes, you heard it right! We only require a set of Amazon credentials to start your evaluation, and there is a new AWS configuration wizard that makes the set up process much faster! As soon as you select “Start my Free Trial” for Cloud here, we create the instance, ask for your AWS credentials, and get your Bamboo running. The rest is even easier, configure your plan and get ready to see your first green Bamboo build!


Deeper integrations, with Amazon S3 and AWS CodeDeploy!

Deploying applications with AWS CodeDeploy was always possible by using script tasks, and the very clever Utoolity add-ons. To make the process simpler, the Bamboo team equipped this new version with a bundled add-on and its accompanying CodeDeploy task. AWS CodeDeploy is at your fingertips now, select the task, fill out the form, and enjoy CodeDeploy-ing!


Amazon Simple Storage Service is scalable and secure, and you can now use your own Amazon S3 for unlimited storage. If you are running Bamboo Cloud and are about to reach the 25GB storage limit, no worries, no more! Once connected to your Amazon S3, all new artifacts get stored in the S3 bucket while existing ones stay in your Atlassian Cloud until the expiry runs.

Wait! There’s more…

Great news if you’re running Docker containers!
Docker tasks are improved with dynamic port mapping, new volumes and working directory sections, and an additional arguments field to give you more flexibility when running containers:


And look at the newly-designed branch clean up tab, we not only improved the process, but re-designed the page to make it match the smart underlying procedure:


The trial is free, the features are exciting!

That’s all I have to say: Trials are free and set up in the Cloud is simpler than ever. So, If you’re looking for a scalable CI tool that supports implementing a smooth, stable continuous delivery pipeline, start a free trial now.

If you already have Bamboo Cloud, start using the new features now! Hosting your own instance? Download the package and run an upgrade to fully benefit from all that’s new and improved!

Remember, smarter tools mean one and only one thing: Better quality software, faster!

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Continuous delivery in the clouds, with Bamboo 5.9