Looking for a way to connect your Git or Mercurial repositories to your Jira issues? Atlassian has recently released a new update to the Jira DVCS Connector to help you connect your Jira issues to your DVCS repositories on Bitbucket. For those who don’t know, Bitbucket is Atlassian’s free code hosting tool for Git and Mercurial repos.

So, what is this Jira DVCS Connector?

For those new to this useful plugin, the Jira DVCS Connector lets you

  • Track commits, monitor source code edits, and drill through to source files all from Jira
  • Push commits to Jira simply by referencing issue keys in commit messages
  • Map unlimited public and private Bitbucket and GitHub repositories to Jira projects.
  • View Bitbucket and GitHub activity in the Jira Activity stream

Watch the video for a quick demo!

Cool! What’s new in version 1.0?

Bitbucket Teams Support

In the old days, only a sysadmin had access to create repositories and edit permissions. Whenever someone needed to configure their repositories, having to go through a central administrator created a bottleneck in the development process.

But now we have entered a new age of convenience! If you are working with a small team, Bitbucket lets you consolidate your group’s repositories with Bitbucket TeamsConfigure and access your repositories without having to switch between your company’s account and your own. Link the Jira DVCS Connector to your team account and pull in all of your team’s repositories into Jira.

Streamlined Administration

Your team is always innovating, and new repositories frequently get created. The old Jira DVCS Connector would require you to manually configure Jira to recognize these new repos. With the new auto-syncing ability, never worry about updating the Connector with new repositories again. The Connector will poll your Bitbucket account and sync your repositories to your Jira instance automatically. Simply enter your Bitbucket credentials and you’re all set to work with your code in Jira.

There may be times when you do not want a specific repository linked to a Jira project. Simply check the boxes next to the repositories, and pick and choose those repos you wish to link to Jira.

Easily Jump between Bitbucket and Jira

Issue keys included in commit messages now allow you to link directly to your Jira issues. Learn more about the commits that affect your Jira issues with one click of your mouse.

  • Link commits to Jira simply by referencing issue keys in commit messages
  • Use issue keys in pull requests or changeset comments to grant readers context to your Bitbucket changesets or Jira issues.

Get the DVCS Connector Today!

The Jira DVCS Connector is available both for Download or OnDemand. If you’re an Atlassian OnDemand customer, we’ve upgraded your instances with the new Jira DVCS Connector. Contact your administrator to make sure that the Connector is turned on.

Connect Jira to your Git or Mercurial Repositories...