We’re excited to announce that professional internationalisations of Confluence, in German and French, are now available for download. Please visit our Translations space for more details and to download.
Soon we will be adding additional internationalisations for Jira. We currently have beta versions of the Jira translations available via a QA instance for review; if you would like to assist in our QA, please contact me for more information.
As part of our efforts toward ongoing translation consistency, we have created a Translation Glossary of common terms across all Atlassian applications. This glossary contains French and German translations of the most commonly-used words in our applications. For more information, or to review the glossary, please visit our Translations space.
In order to better track translation issues in all Atlassian applications, we have created a special project at jira.atlassian.com called Translations. Translation problems in any of our applications? File an issue!
In addition to these resources, the Translations space contains a variety of partial and user-generated translations available for download. Please visit this space and watch it in the future to receive updates as new products and translations become available.

Confluence Translations Now Available...