In Confluence 3.4 we’ve made editing and navigating in your enterprise wiki even faster with more keyboard shortcuts and a better way for all users to discover them. Users can now easily discover and harness the power of user macros to create even richer content. Administrators, get excited because Confluence 3.4 includes a new plugin manager that’s makes performing Confluence upgrades a whole lot smarter.

I’m only just scratching the surface of this release. Check out the short video below for a quick overview of what’s new in Confluence 3.4 and read on for deeper details about the new features.

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Bye, bye mouse. Hello keyboard.

New keyboard shortcuts that are easy to find

There’s only one keyboard shortcut you’ll need to remember, and that’s the humble question mark. Just type ‘?’ to display the new Keyboard Shortcuts Dialog where you can learn all the new shortcuts.


General Shortcuts – General shortcuts make it possible to jump to and from pages and spaces, create new content, make comments, add page watchers and get a page’s tiny link, all without touching your mouse.

Editor Shortcuts – Format text, create bullet and numbered lists, add and edit tables, insert images, links and macros, and finally save your page, all from your keyboard.

Mac users rejoice!

If you’re using a Mac it’s time to stop using the Control key and rediscover the Command key. Keyboard shortcuts in Confluence 3.4 are Mac friendly. Seriously.

User Macros Get a Lot of Love

Access User Macros in the Macro Browser & Autocomplete

User macros are a quick and easy way to extend the functionality of your Confluence site. But, up until now, they’ve been difficult for users to discover. If you have created your own custom user macros it’s time to decide which ones you want your users to see. That’s right, you can decide which user macros are displayed in both the Macro Browser and Autocomplete.


Two examples to get you started

If you’re new to User Macros we’ve created two to help you get started. They’re incredibly useful and really easy to add to your own Confluence instance.

Expand User Macro – Embed expandable text boxes into your Confluence pages and blog posts. This macro is great for hiding large chunks of text or documenting frequently asked questions. Add it now!

Status User Macro – Display coloured status lozenges on your pages, useful for showing the status of a project or task or rows in a table. Add it now!

These are two of many macros that don’t require you to write a single line of Java. Check out all the user macros kindly contributed by the Confluence User Community.

User Macros get smarter and look good too

With the redesigned Create User Macro form you can make your user macros more powerful and discoverable:

  • Define macro parameters using the new user macro syntax so that they appear in the Macro Browser
  • Link to your own user macro documentation
  • Specify a Macro Category for display in the Macro Browser
  • Make the macro visible to everyone or visible to administrators only


Plugin Management Made Easy

New Plugin Manager

We announced it at Atlassian Summit. We promised it would make it’s way into our products, and we’re pleased to say that Confluence 3.4 comes bundled with the Universal Plugin Manager (UPM). This is big. The UPM provides a number of new features that Administrators are going to love.

  • Perform a plugin compatibility check before upgrading Confluence
  • Upgrade all plugins that have updates available in a single-click
  • Install new plugins from the Atlassian Plugin Exchange
  • Manage existing plugins
  • View and track updates via the Audit Log


That’s Not All

Confluence 3.4 satisfies over 180 customer votes. Check out the full release notes and learn about all the styling updates and performance improvements in Confluence 3.4.



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