I’m pleased to announce the imminent release of the Confluence Calendar Plugin (RC1). This plugin was started during our last ShipIt day by Jens and Jeremy from the Confluence Team. Recently, though, David Peterson picked up where we left off and has been hard at work over the last month turning the Calendar Plugin up to eleven.
The Calendar Plugin now sports day, week and month views.

And you can have multiple calendars on per page.

You can now schedule events with start and end times, all-day events and recurring events. Your events can include links to Confluence resources or external pages.

You can also subscribe to a Confluence calendar with iCal (or other iCal-supporting software). It’s a great, lightweight way to distribute team calendar information to individuals. Conversely, if you want Confluence to subscribe to an external iCal and display it’s information, you can do that too.
Anyway, we’ve just released the first release candidate of the Calendar Plugin so we’d appreciate any testing or feedback that you can give us. There’s a Calendar Plugin project in the Developer Network Jira, so please file any bugs that you may find.
The current RC is compatible with Confluence 1.4. When we release the final 1.0, we will simultaneously release Confluence 1.4-compatible version and a Confluence 2.0-compatible version. Development after that point will continue on the 2.0-version. And of course, if you have feature requests for future development, put them in the Jira project. (Or hey, check out the source and added them yourself!)

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