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You might have heard that a faster, richer, and more reliable editor is coming soon in Confluence 4.0. Hundreds of you have tried an EAP release of Confluence 4.0 and given us valuable feedback. We’ve been listening to all your feedback and constantly improving Confluence 4.0 to make it a kick ass editing and collaboration experience. After lots of hard work, three public EAP releases, and responding to over 1,200 bits of feedback, the Confluence Team is stoked to deliver to you the first public beta of our biggest release ever, Confluence 4.0.

New Features & Improvements

Brand New Editor

Built from the ground-up to meet the needs of every user, Confluence 4.0 breaks free from the restrictions of old-fashioned online editors. A new, dynamic editing interface lets you create rich content with extraordinary speed and simplicity.


Guided Upgrades!

Last week we released the first-cut of our new guided Confluence Installer, providing you with a hassle-free installation experience. From listening to you we know that upgrading Confluence is a nontrivial task. Along with a long list of improvements we’re delighted to deliver a new version of our installer that makes it a lot easier to upgrade an existing Confluence 3.5.x or later Standalone installation. Check out the release notes for full details.


Quick Navigation Search Improvements

1. Space Details in Search Results

We’ve found that users often create pages with the same title across multiple spaces – meeting notes, quarterly goals, common document types like that. To help you find the exact page you’re looking Confluence now displays the name of the Space which the page, blog, or attachment is located.

2. First Search Result Selected by Default

Just like Link, Media, and Macro Autocomplete, Quick Navigation automatically selects the first result by default making it quicker for you to get to the content you were looking for.


Support for Office 2010

Satisfying over 60 of your votes on our public issue tracker we’ve added support for editing Office documents attached to Confluence in Microsoft Office 2010.

New Profile Picture Macro

This new macro makes it quick and easy to build rich team landing pages. Not only does it render the user’s profile picture in the editor, it also leverages Confluence 4.0’s new Macro Property Panels, providing a link to the user’s profile.


More New Features & Improvements

Check out our release notes for a complete list of new features and improvements in this first beta release of Confluence 4.0.


We Want Your Feedback!

We’ve made it super easy to provide feedback – you will notice a small “Got Feedback?” button in your Confluence menubar. If you decide to test an upgrade from an earlier version of Confluence we’d love to know how the migration process went – how long did it take? Did you encounter any issues?


Confluence 4.0 EAP Feedback


All the feedback you provide will go straight to the Confluence team. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Want to learn more about Confluence 4.0?

We’ve been working really hard to help make sure you’re ready for Confluence 4.0 when it’s released later this year. We’ve created a number of guides to make sure your upgrade to 4.0 is a successful one that you can find in our Preparing for Confluence 4.0 documentation.

Be sure to check-out the videos below and try the Confluence 4.0 beta today!

Watch an In-depth Demo of Confluence 4.0

Watch ‘Preparing for Confluence 4.0’

Confluence 4.0 Beta is Here with New Features &amp...