It’s with great pleasure that we bring you Confluence 3.2 with the fastest editing experience yet. Confluence 3.2 provides a number of innovative features that combine the simplicity of Rich Text with the speed of wiki markup. Confluence 3.2 will have you creating attractive, content-rich pages in just seconds.

What’s new?

Confluence 3.2 provides a host of new features like:
New Link Browser – We’ve completely redesigned the link browser to load even faster and provide a more intuitive layout for new users.
Confluence 3.2 link browser.jpg
Autocomplete for links – Automatically link to pages, blogs, attachments and people just by typing a ‘[‘ in the rich text editor. Autocomplete finds the content and links to it for you. You never even have to take your hands off the keyboard!
Autocomplete for attachments – Autocomplete also lets you rapidly embed attached images, PowerPoints, PDFs, Excel spreadsheets or Word Documents directly into the page as you type. Just type ‘!’ and select the attachment you want to embed.
Keyboard Shortcuts – Don’t let the mouse slow you down. We’ve introduced a number of new keyboard shortcuts for inserting and editing tables, creating bullets and numbered lists, launching the macro browser, and more. To teach you new shortcuts, we’ve added hints to the bottom of the editor.
keyboard shortcut hints.png
New Themes – The newly bundled Documentation Theme provides a natural way for users to browse and search documentation you create inside your wiki. The new Easy-Reader Theme provides an attractive, fixed-width layout that’s ideal for reading long pages.
Template bundles – Now you can import templates from template bundles via the Confluence Administration Console. Template bundles are built as plugins, so developers should find it easy to whip up a new template bundle. Confluence 3.2 also ships with a default bundle with useful templates like Meeting Notes or Two-column Page Layout.
template bundles.png
Tons of other useful stuff – We’ve added many more features to Confluence 3.2 like image previews in search results, the ability to order pages when moving them, restyled page history, improved RSS Feedbuilder and more.

See it in action!

To truly appreciate these new features you must to see them in action. Just check out our brief Confluence 3.2 overview video:

Try it now!

Download Confluence 3.2 now to upgrade or get started with a free 30-day trial. Or if you need instant gratification, you can also check out our Online Trial (also free for 30 days) or play around with our live Sandbox.
Check out 3.2 today and let us know what you think!

Confluence 3.2 – Page editing just got a lot faster