After six months of toil and sweat from the Confluence development team, the day has finally arrived. Confluence 3.1 is now generally available for download from Thank you to all our beta testers and customers who contributed to the release.

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What’s new?
Confluence 3.1 delivers a number of powerful new features like OpenSocial Gadgets which let you integrate with other applications on the web and behind the firewall. We’ve also improved Confluence’s core editing features to make it simpler for everyday users to create and edit content online. Confluence 3.1 also unlocks all the content trapped inside your offline documents with drag-and-drop attachments and complete Office 2007 support.

  • Embed OpenSocial Gadgets – Confluence 3.1 lets you embed Gadgets from other Atlassian tools like Jira, Bamboo and Fisheye directly into Confluence pages. You can add and configure gadgets in just a couple clicks using the Macro Browser:
    Adding Jira Gadget4.png
    And because OpenSocial is an open standard, you can use Gadgets to integrate with 3rd party applications behind the firewall and thousands of applications on the web.
  • Add Confluence to other applications – Confluence also provides its own Gadgets that you can embed into other OpenSocial containers like Jira or even Gmail. Confluence comes with three out-of-the-box gadgets: Activity Stream, QuickNav and Confluence News.
    confluence in gmail.png
  • Drag and Drop your attachments – The new Drag-and-Drop feature makes sharing files in Confluence a snap.
    • Upload your files to Confluence simply by dragging them from your desktop directly onto the Confluence. It’s that simple. You can even upload multiple files at once.
    • Embed images, Office documents and PDF files directly into a page by dragging and dropping these files directly into the rich text editor.


  • Complete Office 2007 Support – Confluence’s Office integration just got even better with complete Office 2007 support. Set the content inside your Office 2007 documents free with features like:
    • Search inside – Search for content inside your Office 2007 documents like a specific phrase in a .docx document or a specific number in an .xlsx spreadsheet.
    • Import documents as pages – Turn your static Word 2007 and Open Office documents into dynamic Confluence pages that everyone can track and edit online.
    • View inside – Just click view anywhere you see an Office 2007 document to view the contents of the document.
    • Embed docs into pages – Deliver your PowerPoint presentations from directly inside the page. Choose which cells and charts of your Excel spreadsheet to display. Or display an entire Word 2007 document directly inside your Confluence page.
    • Edit documents – Open Office 2007 documents in an editable format right from the attachments page or the document view page simply by clicking “Edit.”


  • Core editing improvements – We’ve redesigned some of Confluence’s core editing features so it’s even easier to rapidly create, edit and organise your pages.
    • Redesigned Image Browser – Add images from your desktop simply by dragging them into the image browser and preview images before inserting them into the page.
    • image_browser.png

    • Faster Page Move – Easily move pages within the same or another space with a faster page move. It also works well on sites with large numbers of pages and deep hierarchies.
    • confluence-3-1-page-move-dialog.png

    • Improved Restrictions – The improved restrictions dialog makes it easier to view and edit page restrictions and lets you edit restrictions without editing the page.
  • Many more features! – There are a ton more features in Confluence 3.1 so check out our release notes for all the details.

See for yourself
Check out our brief overview video to see all of Confluence 3.1’s new features in action:

Try it now!
Download Confluence 3.1 now to upgrade or get started with a free 30-day evaluation. We’ve introduced simplified evaluation installers for Windows and OS X to get you up and running quickly.
If you need instant gratification, you can also check out our Online Trial (also free for 30 days) or play around with our live Sandbox.
Check out 3.1 and let us know what you think!

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