We’re happy to announce the latest release of Confluence. The newest version includes major UI improvements with an improved interface, drag and drop page reordering and simplified menus.
Taking a look at some of the highlights of Confluence 2.8:

Dynamic menus and Simplified Screen Design

Drop-down menus now replace tabs and links. Grouping of functions is more intuitive and a cleaner screen design lets you focus more on the page’s content.

Drag and drop page ordering

Manual page ordering is now possible within Confluence 2.8. Choose the order in which wiki pages are displaced and use a dynamic tree view to drag and drop you pages into the right position.

Enhanced commenting functionality

The comments on pages and news items have been beautified. Now, collapse comments onto a single line and keep better track of multi-level comment threads.
With over 90+ improvements in this release, how could you resist getting your hands on Confluence 2.8? w00t!
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For more details on this release, check out the Confluence 2.8 Release Notes
or see the press release below:

Atlassian Confluence 2.8 Gets a Facelift with Major UI Improvements

Improved interface, drag and drop page reordering, simplified menus

San Francisco (Business Wire) April 17, 2008 —
Atlassian released the newest version of
Confluence, the popular enterprise wiki, with over 90 improvements. The most important change is the simpler visual design. With clear, practical menus, Confluence 2.8 makes editing, adding content, and collaboration fun.
A new page-ordering feature — one of the most requested features by Confluence customers — means users can easily drag and drop pages to create the structure of a document. Perhaps the most noticeable change is the simplified visual design. An elegantly re-designed menu structure in Confluence 2.8 displays actions available on each page, such as editing or adding content. The new features promise to make Confluence easier for new users to get the hang of quickly.
“Whether you’re a new or current user, administrator or developer, this release is sure to please,” said Adnan Chowdhury, Confluence product manager. “A beautiful UI, intuitive menus, and an elegant way to order pages make Confluence the all-around top choice in enterprise

Additional features include:

* Multi level comment threads: Collapse comments to a single line, track multi-level
comment threads and permalink comments to another page
* Complete installer: the installation wizard lets you install Confluence Standalone editions smoothly
* Improved search: combine more than one label (or tag) in your label searches and find what you need quickly
* Enhanced dynamic tasklist plugin, performance improvements, upgraded Velocity template engine, and over 90 other updates!

Unlike traditional knowledge management tools that enforce strict workflow rules and allow for little end-user customization and management, wikis are extremely versatile and easy to use. Confluence is an enterprise wiki used by over 5,000 organizations in more than 60 countries for collaboration and knowledge sharing.
To download the latest version of Confluence, or for a free 30-day evaluation visit: www.atlassian.com/software/confluence/?s_kwcid=confluence28
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Confluence 2.8 Gets a Facelift!...