The Confluence development team have donned their santa hats, snuck down your chimneys, drunk all your whisky, and left behind a brand new, shiny Confluence 2.1 in your stockings.^1^
We’re _very_ happy to introduce two highly-requested features, which are sure to prevent future outbreaks of violence around the Atlassian office. Autosave keeps you in touch with the Confluence server while you edit a page, ensuring that even if your browser crashes or Confluence is restarted, you’ll only ever lose at most thirty seconds of your work. Meanwhile, concurrent editing notifications will warn you when someone else is trying to edit the same page as you.

For Confluence administrators, we’ve landed the atlassian-user library. Most customers will see no significant change from this, but if you’re interested in integrating Confluence with LDAP, it’s a big step forward. (See the release notes for more links on this one.)
There are also some performance improvements, and a double-handful of bug fixes. Not bad for less than a month’s work!
You can find more information in the Confluence 2.1 Release Notes. Existing customers can download Confluence 2.1 today, and new customers can try a free, fully-functional 30 day demo.
^1^ Four AA batteries required. Not included.

Confluence 2.1 Now Available...