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Sydney, Australia — December 8, 2004 — Today, Atlassian Software Systems announced the third major update to their knowledge management product, Confluence – The Professional Wiki. Confluence 1.3 now looks better, performs better and does far more than it ever has before with the addition of email archiving, themes, a ‘trash can’, finely grained security, a host of new macros and much, much more. Validating the value of wiki technology within today’s enterprise environment, Confluence now boasts over 200 customers including notables such as Boeing, Raytheon, Cisco, Alcatel, Vodafone, Pixar, BBC, BMW, Volvo, MIT, Stanford, World Bank, United Nations and more! Confluence is now arguably the most successful commercial wiki in the world today.
Wiki technology, established by Ward Cunningham in 1995, has gained traction in the corporate world through the knowledge management, collaboration and social networking niches who have embraced the simplicity and flexibility of the wiki concept. Confluence builds on these foundations and adds sophisticated, professional qualities that today’s knowledge workers demand (such as ease & speed of use, flexibility, security, printability, email integration etc.) to create a truly practical knowledge management tool.
Confluence adds professional features rarely seen in wiki software such as flexible privilege-based security management, blogging, detailed page and attachment versioning, automated refactoring, email integration, exporting pages or entire spaces to HTML or PDF, a comprehensive remote API and easy “unpack and run” installation, all wrapped up in Atlassian’s “Legendary Service”. Confluence is in fact an �uber-wiki�, where each Confluence space (a collection of pages) is a wiki unto itself. This means that each team, project or functional area (to name but a few examples) within an organisation can have their own dedicated wiki in which to store information, emails, files, images etc, all under their own security scheme and now their own look and feel.
Confluence 1.3 takes the wiki concept deeper into the enterprise, with the introduction of email archiving. Now, emails that once sat on a single team member�s inbox can now be imported directly into Confluence by importing an mbox file or by regularly polling a POP mailbox. Once mail is imported into Confluence, it can be browsed chronologically or by thread and searched using Confluence�s powerful full-text search functionality. In fact, the thread and search functionalities within Confluence are more powerful and more usable than most dedicated mail archives that you will find online.
Embodying the spirit of practical knowledge management, Confluence 1.3 continues to improve the user interface to allow users of all levels to seamlessly integrate Confluence into their working day. Performance has also been significantly improved making working with Confluence more seamless again. Confluence 1.3 also brings new macros, new emoticons, referrer management, and improvements to the setup wizard, backups, indexing and more. The full release notes are available “here”:
So what does all this mean for you and your team? When teams use Confluence for communication, it gets archived, indexed and interlinked, so the whole team can benefit. In other words, Confluence is actually allowing knowledge workers to realise the promise of the network effect on their intranet, rather than just out on the Internet. Understandably, the value this can bring to an organisation in today�s knowledge centric world should not to be underestimated.
Many customers have praised Atlassian�s ability to deliver such an innovative and practical product. One customer, Shine Technologies, recently praised Confluence explaining that, �one of the most important aspects was the willingness of all staff to use Confluence to capture knowledge�, adding that �the general consensus was that the process was addictive. By lowering the barriers to knowledge capture, Confluence has significantly increased our ability to retain and manage that elusive asset known as knowledge capital�. Customers have indeed taken to Confluence, which now boasts over 200 customers including notables such as Boeing, Raytheon, Cisco, Alcatel, Vodafone, Pixar, BBC, BMW, Volvo, MIT, Stanford, World Bank, United Nations and more! Confluence has arguably become the most successful commercial wiki in the world today.
All existing Confluence customers can upgrade for free, thanks to the provision for one year of free maintenance (updates and support) inclusive to commercial licenses. Existing customers who wish to update to 1.3, or new users who wish to try out Confluence for 30 days, can download either the standalone or WAR distributions from the Atlassian “website”:
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