Atlassian Confluence - Stepstone Technologies - Zen FoundationThis post is dedicated to Stepstone Technologies, the creators of Zen Foundation, a tool that delivers attractive and easy-to-use collaboration for non-technical online communities. With support for strong branding and flexible graphic design, Zen puts rich layout and presentation options at your fingertips. Zen provides new users the safety and freedom to experiment, while improving the quality of published content in Confluence.

Love at First Wiki?

Have you ever heard the expression, ‘love at first sight’? What about ‘love at first wiki?’ Well, that’s exactly how two lucky love birds, Rob and Rebecca, first met. Once upon a time, they used Confluence, Atlassian’s wiki, to collaborate on a mutual project. The rest, as they say, is history. Now isn’t that the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard?

On this very blog, we’ve talked about how Confluence brings people together to get work done, faster. But in this case, it’s literally bringing two people together to the brink of holy matrimony! Rob and Rebecca are taking Confluence to where no one thought it would go. This truly is the ultimate form of collaboration. To pay their respects, Rob and Rebecca asked the team at Stepstone Technologies, to transform Confluence into their wedding site.

Meet Truelove – Powered by Confluence

Atlassian Confluence - Stepstone Technologies - Zen Foundation

Confluence Supercharged by Zen Foundation

This was a first for the gang at Stepstone. Typically, large organizations make use of Zen Foundation and Stepstone services to customize the look-and-feel of Confluence. Branding Confluence with Zen makes Confluence fun, inviting, and simple for new users and non-technical online communities. However, encouraging members of your Sales Team to use a new tool is one thing, making it easy for wedding guests with limited technical know-how, like your Grandma, is completely different.

Keep it simple

When the designers at Stepstone thought about how to build Confluence into a Wedding Wiki, they focused on a single mission. Regardless of how the site actually looked, users still needed to be able to collaborate to achieve a common goal. This concept was fundamental in the site’s creation and something that Confluence already did well on it’s own. The key was to not rebuild the wheel, but leverage what Confluence already offers and add a ton of personality, tastefulness, and pop.

Atlassian Confluence - Stepstone Technologies - Zen Foundation

The perfect font: Love Potion

Zen’s lead designer, Kelli, has endless experience utilizing Zen to brand Confluence when used as a company intranet or customer facing web-site, but a wedding was a different kind of animal. The key was to provide a sense of intimacy, familiarity, and tastefulness. For Kelli, that meant starting with the site’s font.

Atlassian Confluence - Stepstone Technologies - Zen Foundation

Love Potion was the perfect name for a font for a Wedding Wiki. After reviewing hundreds of different fonts, Kelli knew it when she saw it, and the name? Well that clinched it. Combining the webfont feature with some homegrown and high-end design work, Kelli created a wiki seemingly written by hand – a minor detail that would surely breath a sense of intimacy into the site. Fun Fact: As it turns out, Kelli was on a huge Kylie Minogue kick while working on this project. Fittingly, her song ‘Two Hearts‘ was of major inspiration to Kelli as she worked on the site – a testament to Kelli’s diligence and thoroughness.

Tying everything together

Kelli is Zen’s expert when it comes to dressing Confluence up with Zen. She’s mastered the art of making a wiki feel like it belongs to its users through the use of design. You don’t bond with a tool, you bond with what that tool represents. In this particular case, Confluence radiates love, passion, and togetherness. When’s the last time you thought of those three words when referencing a wiki?

Atlassian Confluence - Stepstone Technologies - Zen Foundation

Zen is about getting Confluence out of the way so that people can get their jobs done and solve their problems. According to Kelli, Confluence’s customizable infrastructure makes it easy to do just that, so getting the wiki out of the way in the name of Love was no problem at all.

Take a Quick Look!

Take a glance at one of Zen’s short videos. In a couple of minutes you’ll gain even more insight as to what’s possible with Zen.

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If you already have Confluence, start a FREE 30-Day trial of Zen – it’s just a few clicks away using Confluence’s Universal Plugin Manager (UPM). Just follow the directions below:

  1. Browse to the Confluence Administration Console. Browse > Confluence Admin.
    Atlassian Confluence - Stepstone Technologies - Zen Foundation
  2. Click Plugins in the Configuration sidebar.
    Atlassian Confluence - Stepstone Technologies - Zen Foundation
  3. Search for ‘Zen Foundation’ and click Install – You’re done!
    Atlassian Confluence - Stepstone Technologies - Zen Foundation

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