If you hadn’t heard, Jira 5 is coming soon, real soon. Naturally, the Team Calendars development team wanted to get in on the action before the BIG release. Without further adue we’re excited to announce that our next major release – Team Calendars 1.9 – is available for download now!

Only track what matters from Jira

Team Calendars allows you to track Jira projects in Confluence using Jira Calendars – a great solution for project leads that straddle Confluence and Jira daily. For the users that spend their day solely in Confluence, but dependent on the work processed in Jira, for instance a Marketing Team, Team Calendars is layman for the issues and versions they need to know about.

Use Saved Filters to create Jira Calendars

Team Calendars 1.9 vastly improves how you track Jira projects by making use of saved filters in Jira. Rather than mapping all of the version and custom issue due dates of a single Jira project, which could be endless, now you can track only the ones that matter to your team.

Team Calendars 1.9 - Create Jira Calendar Dialog

Bring granularity to your Jira Calendars like never before – track only the important parts of your Jira projects and keep your team focused on what matters most. Learn more about how Jira saved filters improves release tracking for your development team and change management for your IT team.

9 releases and counting

Be careful not to blink, you might miss the next Team Calendars release, sure to be the biggest one yet – especially if you’re a Jira user! If you did blink, here’s a quick review of what we’ve been up to over the last few months:

What’s your flavor?

Have Confluence and Team Calendars?

Awesome – check out the release notes and upgrade now!

Have Confluence, but not Team Calendars?

See why more than 550 companies – like Facebook, Skype, Workday, and HTC use Team Calendars to schedule their team leave, track their Jira projects, and plan events.

New to Confluence and Team Calendars?

Learn more about Confluence and Team Calendars – a classic combo that connects teams to the content and co-workers they need to get the job done, fast.

Team Calendars 1.9 Released – Track More wit...