This is a guest post from RefinedWiki, the team behind Original Theme for Confluence, one of the best-selling Confluence add-ons of all time.

Last month we released RefinedWiki Original Theme 4.0, a Confluence plugin that lets you organize content and skin it with our pre-designed themes.

With every release from Atlassian, Confluence gets more friendly for everyone in the company, not just the developers. The rich text editor in Confluence 4.0, Blueprints in 5.1, and new Confluence Questions open the platform to every type of user. And now it’s our turn to make life easier with the release of RefinedWiki Original Theme 4.

It’s our most intuitive and straightforward version yet – we’ve simplified the main user experience, and added new tailored dashboard templates and space types.

A dashboard editor for the people

We’ve replaced wiki markup with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to edit dashboards, space layouts, and user dashboards. Simply drop in content, then arrange it how you want. With the new dashboard editor you start from one of the predefined templates (or create your own), and add macros from the Confluence macro browser or custom content using the Confluence editor.

refined wiki dashboard editor 4

It’s super easy to change layouts with the dashboard editor.

refined wiki confluence dashbboard editor 2

You can edit user dashboards in exactly the same way.

refined wiki user features confluence

Tailored space types

The space layout editor lets admins add Confluence macros and change the space layout.

refined wiki space layout editor confluence

We’ve bundled two default space types for documentation and public-facing Confluence sites.

refinedwiki space layout documentation template confluence

Navigation made easy with a global sidebar menu

We love easy, practical navigation, so we introduced a new global sidebar to Original Theme 4.0. Use it to quickly access tasks and search, or find your favorite pages, spaces, Team Calendars, and more. You can also add your own links to internal pages or external sites.

refinedwiki confluence global sidebar

Blogs and widgets in the footer

With Original Theme, you can now add a blog column to the footer to display your latest blogs and news. You can also add a column for custom widgets!

refinedwiki confluence footer

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