It’s been a busy and exciting start of the year for the Confluence development team. Today we are happy to announce the Confluence 5.0 Beta is now available through our Early Access Program (EAP). Over the last week we’ve had plenty of Confluence developer bums on seats cranking out the Beta for you guys to try out.

Confluence 5 Engineering Team

Here is your chance to provide product feedback, start preparing your team for what’s coming, and in doing so, help shape the product with us! How can you help?

For Users

The first thing you can do is to go and try the Confluence 5.0 Beta. As with every EAP release, we don’t recommend you install this in production. However, you can easily download our simple installers and try it out on your own computer. Once you’ve tried it out, be sure to let us know what you think! We’ve made it super easy to provide feedback, without having to leave the application. To do this, you will notice a small “Got Feedback?” button in the Confluence header:

All the feedback you provide will go straight to the Confluence team. We can’t wait to hear from you.

For Administrators

We would love for you to provide feedback as well. We recommend you read through our release notes and try out an upgrade in your test environment. Give us some about the upgrade process, let us know if anything looks funny or any specific product or upgrade feedback you might have.

For Plugin Developers

Plugin developers – get ready! We’ve put together some guides on the key changes in 5.0 so you can get started on ensuring your add-on is Confluence 5 compatible.  We’ve also document several shiny new plugin points and linked to tutorials to help you get started. Confluence 5 comes with a bundle improvements to help you make your add-on seamlessly integrate better with Confluence. We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

So what are you waiting for?

All the information I’ve mentioned above, including links to the download of Confluence 5.0 Beta can below:


Download Confluence 5.0 Beta

Confluence 5.0 Beta Now Available