Confluence 5.6 brings one big change for enterprise customers, plus a number of small improvements for everyone. We launched a new deployment option, Confluence Data Center, for those running Confluence at large scale. We also added two new Jira charts and satisfied over 1,200 customer votes with improvements everyone will enjoy.

New insightful Jira charts

Confluence 5.4 was all about adding visibility into your development team’s work with tighter integrations between Jira and Confluence. We made it easy to display visual reports of your change logs, and issue status. Confluence 5.6 introduces two new charts that you can add with the Jira Chart macro to gain even more insight into your work in Jira.

Created vs Resolved

You can now quickly track the number of issues your team is creating vs how many you have resolved, and keep track of unresolved issues over time.


Two dimensional chart

You can get even more insight into your Jira projects with the new two dimensional Jira chart. Instantly display the status of issues for each member of your team, or number of issue types by component. You have complete control over what you want to report.


Restrictions for blog posts

We’ve heard all of your valuable feedback, and are happy to announce that you can now add restrictions to your blog posts, satisfying over 190 votes!

We are using [blogs] for team status reports – some of the information is confidential and we need to have [blog] post level access permissions just like we do for pages.

– Dan Katz, CONF-3305

Now you can publish confidential blog posts on project status reports, management decisions, or news that only relates to your specific team or department.

Instant comments

Hate having to wait for a full page refresh to add a new comment? Us too. Now you can provide fast feedback to pages and blogs and edit existing comments without a page refresh. Effective collaboration means providing timely and comprehensive feedback, now you can do that faster than ever!

Try it today!

Existing Confluence customers

These are just a few of the many improvements that come shipped in Confluence 5.6. Check out the release notes and upgrade today!

New Confluence customers

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