Confluence 3.5 is just around the corner! We’ve already told you why administrators will be jumping for joy and some of the small improvements on the way, but since our last release we’ve been working really hard to improve how users create, share and discover content in Confluence. There’s a bunch of exciting new features, but let’s focus on two that will help users discover content that’s relevant to them.

1. Introducing the Space Directory

Accesible from the Browse Menu, the Space Directory allows users to view Spaces by category and add Spaces to their Favorite Spaces list.

Categorize and Group Your Spaces

Space Administrators will be able to organise Spaces into Space Categories. For example, if you are using Confluence as your company intranet you could create a ‘Sales’ category that groups together all team, project and personal Spaces that are related to sales.


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Similarly, if you’re using Confluence for technical documentation, you could group the docs for individual releases – 1.0, 1.1, and 2.0 – into a single Space Category so your customers and employees can quickly find the right set of documentation.


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How Do You Categorize a Space?

Space Administrators can add categories by the following these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Space Admin screen via the Browse Menu
  2. Select Space Labels from the left-hand menu
  3. Add a Space Category by either typing into the field provided and click Add, or select one of the Suggested Space Categories. These are categories that have already been created by other Space Administrators


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2. Improved Recently Updated Content Stream on the Dashboard

An improved Recently Updated Content stream on the Dashboard lets users filter Confluence activity by Space Category. Users can now choose to view All Updates, updates from their Favourite Spaces, or updates from a particular Space Category. For instance, if I’m a developer, I might want to view all recent activity from Spaces that have the ‘Development’ Space Category.


Confluence 3.5 is Coming Soon

Later this month you’ll be able to try Confluence 3.5 and see how the new Space Directory, Space Categories and improvements to the Dashboard help users discover content that’s relevant to them, making it easier for them to stay on the same page with the people they work closest with.

Coming Soon – A Better Way to Organize Space...