The first Atlassian Doc Sprint will take place from Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 February 2010. It’s happening in Sydney, in San Francisco and online. You are invited! If you can’t join us in person, you can drop in on our daily webinar sessions, follow the buzz in our online chat room and subscribe to our email list.

What is a doc sprint?

HotChoc.jpgIt’s an opportunity to develop some good tutorials quickly. A doc sprint is a short period of time when a group of people collaborate to write a specific set of documents. Our doc sprint will focus on plugin and gadget tutorials. We start with a good idea of what we want to achieve. Then we achieve it. If we think of more ideas during the sprint, we do them too. That’s it.

What will we be doing?


Let’s develop the plugin tutorials that we’re missing. These will be awesomely valuable to your developer colleagues and immensely fun to develop. We’ll also create some funky gadget tutorials. These will be even more mind-bogglingly, impossibly fun.

Learn while you write. We’ll have some Atlassian developers on tap to help us over the sticky spots. Help us to make it easier for those who follow in your footsteps. Atlassian super-geeks are oft heard to exclaim:

Seriously, no-one ever reads the documentation!

And then they complain, usually in the very next breath:

I can’t use this $@*$% API – their documentation sucks!

Funnily enough, it’s only the technical writers who see the irony in the juxtaposition of these statements.

What else?

On top of all that awesomeness, we’ll have some fun too. OK, maybe technical writers have a weird idea of fun. Really.

What will you get out of it?

Join us

So come play with the Atlassian tech writers. We’re the dudes that write the docs that rock. Help us get our documentation up to your own exacting standards. Take a look at the details, pick a chocolate middle name and sign up.

Technical Writing @ Atlassian: join us in the first Atlassian Doc Sprint