Dreamforce is just around the corner and the Bitbucket team will be hanging out and helping with the Git challenge at the $1 Million Dollar Hackathon  on October 10-12. Come join us and we’ll help you get going with Git to make sure you meet the Git requirements for the $1 Million prize.


Get a leg up on your competitors for the hackathon and make sure you’re ready to go for the Git challenge requirements. Learn the essentials you need in less than 15 minutes in this handy screencast:

You’ll learn:

  • How to set up Git and your Bitbucket accountbbimage
  • Add teammates
  • Check in initial code
  • Pull code changes

If you want to dive a bit deeper here’s a Git Tutorial which will walk you through other commands and techniques.

Still have questions? Feel free to post them to us on Atlassian Answers and tag it with Bitbucket and df14hack:

See ya at #df14hack!

Come hang with the Bitbucket crew at the #df14hack