comalatechThis is a guest blog from Comalatech, makers of Canvas for Confluence OnDemand and Ad hoc Workflows and Ad hoc Canvas for Confluence download.

We launched Canvas for Confluence OnDemand at this year’s Summit in October. Canvas allows you to create simple boards to add to your pages in Confluence OnDemand. With boards and cards, Canvas helps you brainstorm and visualize your ideas in Confluence: Create a board, swiftly add cards outlining your ideas, rearrange to organize them, and automatically convert cards to pages if you want to be able to link them from other parts of Confluence.

Boards are a tremendously popular tool for agile planning, because they bring the freedom and energy of an in-person meeting online. Canvas syncs all changes to boards in real time, without you ever having to refresh the page. So everyone using Canvas can see each other’s updates – new cards or changes of placement of cards – live!

We’ve provided a number of pre-built boards to help you get started. Here are a few of our favorites:

Product roadmap

Roadmaps help you communicate complex plans over periods of time. These are great for an executive audience.

Product Roadmaps

Project retrospective

Try Canvas for a project retrospective. Set up the board to capture the factors you want to discuss, and you’re ready to go.

Live updating works great to empower everyone in the room, even if that room is spread across continents! As well as giving everyone a voice, live updates keep the meeting moving, allowing the ongoing capture of related ideas without distracting the speaker.

Project Retrospective

Product dimensions

When introducing a product or service, it’s critical to associate it strongly to a need, and then differentiate it from competitors. Using the product dimension board, you can brainstorm the key elements of a product: what it does, the artifacts and elements necessary, and example applications.

Product Dimensions

Create your own

Your team is unique, so we make it easy for you to create your own boards. Canvas for OnDemand features an all-new board designer, so making new, beautiful, colorful, and informative layouts is a snap.


Get visual today

Got Confluence OnDemand? Try Canvas today. Get visual, get live and join the collaborative fun.

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