I’m a little behind mentioning this, but Codegeist III is officially over!
There was a burst of activity this year, bringing in fifty-three entries from forty-three different authors. There are some very ambitious entries as well, and some that I hope we will all continue to build on in the months to come.
We received entries in every category, despite the fact that the plugin framework was brand new in a few of our products. I know that figuring out the new plugin systems without all the documentation was rough going, but I’m thrilled that some competitors pushed through. And we’re going to learn from what you’ve done in order to smooth out the process of building plugins for our newer products. We’ll be adding to the documentation, the examples, and the plugin points in the near future.
We’re in the process of judging all of the entries, and hope to announce the winners in the next two weeks. After the judging, all of these plugins will be moved into the main Plugin Libraries for continued use and development. In the meantime, feel free to use them and send feedback to the developers — they’d love to hear how things go in the real world. And developers are also free to continue improving their plugins if they want. Thanks to the magic of subversion, we’ll look at the plugin as it was on the day the contest closed.
Thanks again to everyone who entered! I’m amazed at all you were able to accomplish. After the judging is complete, I’ll highlight some of my favorite plugins in a separate post. But in the meantime, everyone is free to use the plugins as they are now, so go take a look at the great new stuff.

Codegiest III is complete!