The product development teams each spent an afternoon last week reviewing in detail all of the Codegeist entries. And I’m going to announce all of the winners this week, starting with Bamboo today.
We had seven excellent Bamboo plugins entered in Bamboo’s first year in the contest.

First Place

First place and $4,000 goes to the Coverage Plugin, by Dan Grabowski. The Coverage plugin provides tracking of, and insight into, project code coverage for Bamboo builds. It supports code coverage data generated by Clover, Cobertura, and EMMA.
The breadth of this tool, given how many different kinds of coverage data it handles, was impressive. The reports are useful and attractive, and the plugin was well-written and well documented.
Adding coverage metrics to your build is a great thing to do, as it encourages developers not to skip writing tests, and to work together to raise the coverage percentage over time. As a matter of fact, the Jira team is already using it to improve the test coverage of Jira.

Second Place

Second place, and $1,000 goes to the NAnt Builder plugin for Bamboo, written by Ross Rowe. Bamboo was built in Java, but that doesn’t mean that’s all it’s good for. The NAnt builder plugin allows configuration and execution of NAnt build files for .Net/Mono projects, which also supports parsing and displaying of NUnit test results.
We’re really looking forward to expanding Bamboo’s usage into other programming languages. There’s already a small but active community of .Net programmers, and we’re also heard about some Ruby projects using it as well.

Congratulations to both winners. We’ll be in touch to arrange delivery the prizes. And stay tuned tomorrow for the announcement of the next set of Codegeist winners!

Codegeist Winners: Bamboo