Yesterday was the last day to submit a plugin to Codegeist, our plugin coding competition. But the contest isn’t over just yet! You still have time to get votes!

Get Votes and Win Cash

Three of the four prize categories will be chosen by Atlassian judges, based on usefulness, creativity, elegance, and completeness. The judges have 60 entries to go through, so they’ll use votes to help them sort through the entries. The fourth prize category, the Community Prize, will be given away to the highest voted prize, but only if a total of 2,000 unique people vote in the contest. That is, a single entry does not need 2,000 votes. But instead, the entire contest needs 2,000 unique votes for the Community Prize to be given away.

On Sunday, May 29th, at 11:59pm PDT, voting will be closed. For the next 13 days do what you can to get as many votes as possible for your entry. Blog your entry, tweet it, share it on Facebook. Do what you can to get votes. The more votes you can get, the more likely you’ll be to win one of the cash prizes.

As always, let us know via a comment if you have any questions. Otherwise, thanks for being a part of Codegeist V, and stay tuned for more updates!

Codegeist Submissions are Closed, Bring On the Votes