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Codegeist, Atlassian’s plugin coding competition, has been quite exciting so far. In just a few weeks we’ve seen thousands of contest visits, lots of excellent entries, and some exciting Twitter chatter. But time is running out to get your submission in!

Get hacking: one week remains to submit to Codegeist

On Monday, May 16th, at 11:59pm PDT, Codegeist will be closed to submissions. You have a little over one week to hack together a plugin and enter it for a chance to win one of several cash prizes, all totaling $45,000, the largest single prize being $15,000.

Speakeasy and ActiveObjects

If the cash prizes weren’t enough to get your started with Codegeist, then perhaps you’ll be interested in trying two new technologies we released with Codegeist as developer previews, Speakeasy Extensions and ActiveObjects. Speakeasy is a new super easy way to personalize Atlassian products.

Speakeasy extensions are built entirely client-side, in HTML, Javascript, CSS, etc., and they’re enabled on a per-user basis. Now you can spend 15 minutes hacking together some front-end code to make an Atlassian product better for you.

ActiveObjects is an ORM that ultimately makes plugin data access and storage significantly faster and more efficient for relational data. Before ActiveObjects plugins only had access to a key-value store. Now they have access to their own table in a relational database.

Each of these new technologies have an associated prize category, each worth $7,500.

Getting Started with Codegeist

Getting started with Codegeist is easy: start hacking. has all you need to get started, understand the contest rules, and submit your plugin.

Codegeist: One Week Remains to Hack for Cash...