Codegeist III just got better: we’ve added three new software license prizes to the contest. Many of the plugins for Atlassian products are free and open source, but some of them cost actual money. And since we’re giving away licenses of Jira and Confluence, I thought we might want to offer some of these plugins as well. I contacted the authors of three of our most popular commercial plugins and they agreed to give away free licenses to each Codegeist winner.

EditGrid for Confluence

EditGrid is, in my opinion, the best online spreadsheet available. Frankly, I’d rather use EditGrid than Excel.
And the EditGrid for Confluence Plugin brings the power of that online spreadsheet right into Confluence. You can embed EditGrid spreadsheets inside Confluence pages where your team can collaborate around the latest sales figures, or the monthly marketing report, or your competitive intelligence matrix.
And you’re still working on a Confluence page, so you can surround your spreadsheet with all sorts of text, links and images — contextual information that can make the numbers even more valuable.

GreenHopper for Jira

GreenHopper helps integrate more tightly integrate with the various Agile methodologies out there, by giving you a card-like view of issues and allowing your to re-order and reschedule them easily. It also has a set of charts and statistics that are specifically tailored to agile teams, like burndown charts and velocity metrics.
GreenHopper has developed an impressive number of features since I last blogged about it, including new view, drag-and-drop prioritization and more. It’s a highly functional, very useful tool that helps Jira fit even better with your Agile process.

Gliffy for Confluence

Gliffy is a online diagram creator that lets your embed and edit diagrams directly inside Confluence pages. Gliffy helps you create great-looking network layouts, UML or ERD diagrams, decision flow-charts, and tons more, right inside your browser. And because it’s inside Confluence, you get all of the collaborative benefits of the wiki. You can work with colleagues to refine or update your diagrams as things changes. And since there’s no software to install — everyone can participate, whether or not they have any desktop software like Visio.
These three prizes make a terrific addition to the Codegeist III bundle. Not only will Codegeist winners get free copies of our software, like Jira and Confluence, but they’ll get three of the most exciting plugins being developed to make Jira and COnfluence even better.
We’re about half-way through Codegeist so far, but there’s still a month to go. That’s plenty of time to come up with your own killer plugin to submit. As always, if you have any questions just comment below!

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