Our plugin competition is back. More details on prizes, categories, last year’s entries, and more are on the Codegeist home page. Special thanks to our friends at The ServerSide, Jetbrains, Cenqua, and YourKit for donating prizes.
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Atlassian Announces 2007 Codegeist Plugin Competition

Second annual competition features twice as many products, twice as much prize money
San Francisco, CA (Business Wire) April 3, 2007 – Atlassian Software Systems, makers of online enterprise software Jira, Confluence, Bamboo and Crowd, today announced the official start to Codegeist 2007, the second annual Atlassian plugin competition. Prize money has doubled since last year’s competition – USD $20,000 will be given away and all entrants will receive a free Codegeist t-shirt.
Individuals or teams of up to three people can develop Java-based plugins, extensions or integrations for any Atlassian product: Jira, Confluence, Bamboo and/or Crowd. The coolest, most useful and most elegant entries will win cash and prizes; entries will be judged by members of the Atlassian Development team.
“Last year’s Codegeist competition produced some amazing entries, and they’ve continued to grow and expand. Many have garnered an active community of users and contributors. Some of them have even been bundled with Atlassian products,” said Jonathan Nolen, Director of Developer Relations at Atlassian. “It’s really a lot of fun to see how creative the developer community can be with our products, I’m looking forward to seeing this year’s entries.”
The inaugural Atlassian Codegeist competition resulted in…

  • The Confluence Repository Plugin, an extremely practical plugin that allows administrators to easily browse, install and uninstall plugins to Confluence.
  • A Conflickr Plugin that helps people to integrate Flickr photos to your wiki pages.
  • The Metadata Plugin, which allows the user to attach metadata to any page in Confluence and to then generate reports and statistics using it.
  • And nearly 30 other free plugins, all of which were added to the Atlassian plugins page for customers.

Developers who are stumped for a good plugin idea don’t have to search far. They can visit the Plugin Wishlist page which includes ideas for plugins requested by others. Rather than creating plugins from scratch, developers can also improve upon an existing plugin (however, these plugins will be judged on their enhancements and additions only).
All plugins submitted to the contest will be added to the Plugin Library for others to use and expand upon in the future.
For each category, there will be a winner and a runner up.

  • Categories include a grand prize and runner up prize for each Atlassian product
  • Grand Prize (x4) – $4000 USD
  • Runners-up (x4) – $1000 USD

Other prizes include licenses to great apps from TheServerSide, JetBrains, Cenqua, and YourKit as well as Codegeist competition t-shirts.
The competition begins today, April 3rd, 2007, and will run through May 13th, 2007. A full competition description, along with complete rules, can be found here.
Ready. Steady. Start hacking.
About Atlassian
Atlassian develops affordable, lightweight software that helps enterprises collaborate better. Its products include Confluence, widely recognised as the most advanced enterprise wiki, and Jira, one of the world’s most popular issue trackers for IT project management. Founded in 2002, the company now has more than 5,500 customers worldwide, including 30 of the world’s top 50 corporations. For more information, visit http://www.atlassian.com.

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