We’re down to the final few days of the Codegeist competition, so now is the time to polish your entries so they present your plugin in the best light. And that means a full, complete, well documented and attractive plugin entry page. Fortunately, we’ve got some excellent examples to show you:

So, to sum up, make sure that your plugin entry has:

  • The binaries and source-code, ideally committed to the Developer Subversion Repository.
  • A complete data-table at the top (Confluence plugins, use the plugin repository).
  • A brief, informative overview.
  • Full documentation of how to use, including all macros and params.
  • Screenshots, screenshots, screenshots!

The presentation of the plugin is one of the judging criteria, so make sure that you spend time there as well. It will definitely pay off!

Codegeist: Fit & Finish