We’ve decided on a last minute addition to Codegeist II: the Codegeist Community Award! We’re going to offer an additional $1,000 cash prize to one entry selected by the Atlassian community. Anyone can vote (you have to be a registered Confluence user).
Review the entries on the submissions page. You can see an overview with a simple short description and a screenshot from each plugin.

Then you can dive deeper and install the plugins to try out. You should consider the same criteria that we do: Usefulness, Creativity & Elegance, Completeness and Code quality and documentation. You’ll have access to the source code, so if you’re a developer, you can skim over it as well.
Once you’ve made your decision, visit this page to vote. Once you’ve submitted a vote, you can’t change it, so be certain. Voting will end next Monday, May 28th at 12:00pm, San Francisco time (PDT/GMT+8). Good luck, everyone!

Codegeist Community Award