We’re proud to announce the return of Codegeist, Atlassian’s development competition. Whether you’re a seasoned Atlassian add-on developer or just trying out our platform, Codegeist is a great way to win cool prizes for your code.

How to enter

We want to make it easy to participate in Codegeist, so there’s no need to register or put together a submission. Just submit your add-on to the Atlassian Marketplace, and you’ll automatically be considered for the monthly Codegeist prize. The criteria are simple: Each month, we will announce a new Codegeist theme. The best add-on to incorporate this theme will be our monthly winner!


Codegeist 2014 - Atlassian's add-on development contest


April’s theme: Atlassian Connect

For our first month, we’re focusing on Atlassian’s new development framework for building add-ons in the cloud: Atlassian Connect. Atlassian Connect is the easiest way to build add-ons for Jira and Confluence OnDemand. With Connect, any developer can write a web application in any language to extend Jira or Confluence, such as a new integration for Jira, or a new macro for Confluence. You can see some of the amazing Connect add-ons developers have already built on the Atlassian Marketplace.

What can I win?

We’ve put together an awesome bag of prizes for the winner of each monthly Codegeist. This month, the winning team will receive:

  • GoPro Hero3+ Black Edition
  • iPad Mini Wi-Fi 16GB
  • Razer Tiamat headset
  • Leap Motion Sensor
  • Official Atlassian Codegeist 2014 t-shirts!

Share your add-on with the world

The Atlassian Marketplace is the single destination for add-ons for Atlassian products. There are over 1,400 add-ons available on Marketplace and they have been downloaded over seven million times! If you decide to sell your add-on, Atlassian handles payments, billing, and renewals for you. In the last two years, Atlassian has paid out more than $20 million to developers.

Time to start building!

You can find the official Codegeist contest FAQ and rules here, but if you’re ready to start building, why wait? Atlassian Connect is ready to go!

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Codegeist is back – Let’s get developing!...